Updating your Facebook Status from Twitter

How to have all your twitter updates show up in your Facebook status.

Here are instructions for integrating your Facebook account and your Twitter account.

I hate to type things twice, so anything that helps me with this I am a big fan of. I have Facebook set to pull all the twitter messages I send and post them as a Facebook status update. If I have something that I only want my friends to see I pop into Facebook and just post it there.  The Twitter application for Facebook does a decent job integrating both accounts. Post once to Twitter and magically it is on Facebook… what could be better?

First you need both a Twitter account and a facebook account. If you don’t have those then take a minute and get that done. Don’t worry. I will wait. Back?

Now let’s start off by having you log into your twitter account.  Once you are logged in select the settings link.Twitter Setting Menu

This brings you to your account management page. Most of the way down you will see a “More Info URL:” Click on the link below it “(You can also add Twitter to your site here)”.

Twitter Apps Link

That will bring you to an application selection page.

Twitter Application Selection Page

Select the Facebook option and click on “continue”…

If you are logged into Facebook already it will start the install process.
Twitter to Facebook Install Page

When it brings up a dialog box asking for access to your Facebook account you will need to select “Allow” for it to work. It should look like the incredibly awesome dialog box below.

Allow Twitter Access to Facebook Dialog Box

Now after that you should get to the Twitter Facebook application page. If you are being unlucky like I am you will get the wonderful Twitter/Facebook error page. Both Facebook and Twitter have been flaky these last couple of months under the pressure of their own popularity. I found that from switching from IE to another browser improved the situation. I tried Google Chrome and that went smoother.

Error Loading Facebook Twitter page - Fail!

You may need to enter your Twitter log in information on Facebook.  You don’t normally have to do this, but I have seen it both ways.

Now give it a try. Enter a message in Twitter.

Twitter What Are You Doing? - Enter your tweet here!
Give is a few seconds and pop over to facebook to see the technological magic.

Watch your Facebook Status Magically update from Twitter
Wow!! Isn’t technology wonderful? It even lets your wall visitors know it was from Twitter. Can it be any better than that?

The applicaton is fairly straight forward. Anything you tweet gets posted to your facebook status exectp for  “@reply” Twitter updates. There is a daily limit to the number of updates set by Facebook, so if you have a heavy tweet day you will want to watch out for that.

Enjoy your extra updating efficiency! You now have time to inform more of your friends what you ate for dinner or what you are watching on TV. Nice!

“What if something breaks or isn’t working right? It hasn’t updated my status in days and I am tweeting!!!”

If you have problems with updates stopping and you haven’t exceeded the Facebook limit something has changed or needs to be reset. Try the following steps.

Click on the “Applications” tab and see the option that says “Edit Applications.” Click on that link.

Facebook Application Menu
Scroll through you application list until you find the twitter app.

Twitter Edit Menu on Facebook
Click on the “edit settings” button to bring up a dialog box.

Twitter Facebook Edit Settings Dialog Box
**Side Note** if you click the add link it will add the twitter application box to your profile. **

Click on the “Additional Permissions” link

Twitter Facebook Edit Twitter Settings Additonal Permissions
Make sure “Publish to streams” is checked.

If you couldn’t find the twitter app in your list of application you will need to reinstall it. Start at the beginning of this post and follow those instructions.
This is what the Bookmark tab looks like if you can’t muster the energy to do that extra click discover it.

Twitter Facebook Settings Bookmarks

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