Underwater GPS

Navimate™ - © 2009 Shb Instruments, Inc.

Navimate™ - © 2009 Shb Instruments, Inc.

With the visibility of the water we frequently dive in it would be nice to have GPS underwater like most smart phones are capable of on dry land. If Shb Instrument’s Navimate™ sees the light of day underwater GPS could be a reality.

Navimate consists of a wrist mounted device that communicates to a surface based GPS gateway.  It lets you know what your longitude and latitude are and places it on a map that is displayed on the device. It will also display the locations of your dive buddies provide they are wearing one of the units and are within 100 yards of your location.

I am exciting about the possibilities. I see many useful scenarios for this device as well as making diving just a bit safer. I am hopeful that this device or others offering similar functionality will be available soon.  Shb is saying initial units will be available in the May/June 2010 timeframe.

Wrist units will retail for US$700 and the GPS gateway for US$300. I am guess as part of their initial marketing effort GPS gateways will be free to shops, clubs or other organizations that purchase a minimum number of the wrist units and will also be placing the gateways on selected dive boats at no cost. Instructor discounts for Navimate™ will also be available.

I have to credit Shb Instruments with publishing the price of the device. As with many items technology based I will hear about the product, get a fuzzy late quarter X release date with pricing TBD.  I am holding out hope that this is more than vaporware.

Shb Instrument’s Navimate™ – Website – http://navimate.shbinstruments.com/

Navimate™ Press Release – October 15, 2009 – http://www.shbinstruments.com/Navimate/press.html

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