Tweaking My DIY Dive Flag

Added Lead Weight

Added Lead Weight

I have another dive coming up tomorrow so I wanted to tweet my DYI dive flag rig. My original setup needed extra ballast on the bottom to keep the flag pointed skyward. I had use an old steel hook for its weight and as I though the darn thing on a beach entry or exit would snag on something. I dug up a 2lbs lead belt weight and with a pipe clamp attached it to the bottom of the fiber glass pole. I still like the idea of a safety snap on the rope incase I want to hang something from the flag so for now I have snapped it above the weight on the shaft.

Tomorrow air temperature will be in the mid 20’s. Some of the ponds in the area skimmed over with ice today.  I will let you know how it goes.

– – Here is the post on making the dive flag —


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