Darrin’s Scuba Diving List – Tweeters (Twitter Lists) – December 2009

Twitter Lists

Happy Holiday season everyone! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah and Happy Kwanzaa! I hope these days bring you some awesome and safe dives. It is time for my updated twitter lists. I am working refining them a bit. I wanted the list to be more meaningful so I am creating more lists. You can be on more than one list.

In addition to my normal twitter lists….

Scuba Divers (47) – http://twitter.com/darrinjillson/scubadivers – You must be a person (i.e. not a bot and you speak in first person) and you must actually scuba dive.

Scuba Businesses (78) – http://twitter.com/darrinjillson/scubabusinesses – If you make money or a living from something scuba related this is this list you could be on.

Scuba Organizations (26) – http://twitter.com/darrinjillson/scubaorgs – This is a list of groups, organizations and people whose intent is to make diving better through conservation, education or research. Profit is not their first motive… at least I hope not.

I have added two new twitter lists….

Scuba Favorites (0)- http://twitter.com/darrinjillson/scubafavorites – NEW LIST- This is a list of my favorite scuba tweeters. No one is on this list yet, but there will be some soon! You never know who is going to make this list but know one thing. They will be fun tweeters about scuba.

Scuba Instructors (1)- http://twitter.com/darrinjillson/scubainstructors – NEW LIST- As you can guess this is a list of Scuba Instructors or business that offer scuba diving instruction. I don’t verify they are instructors. If they talk about their experience with training others in scuba they can make this list. Make sure you know your instructors are qualified by a respectable agency before choosing.

Starting in 2010 I will features some tweeters from my Scuba Favorites list. Merry tweeting!!


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